This 1967 Land Rover was restored over two years at Schena Auto Body in Barrington, New Hampshire.  Restored by a tax consultant, originally from the greater Boston area and based in China at the time, this Land Rover underwent a complete frame restoration.

The Rover was completely disassembled and rebuilt from the ground up.  The frame was replaced, floors were refabricated, new leaf springs were installed, new brake lineswent in and the vehicle underwent a variety of suspension upgrades including new leaf springs, tie rods, and wheel bearings.  Several panels also received major body restorations.  After the frame restoration the Rover was reassembled including several custom pieces of equipment, including an extensive set of fog lights, a distinctive luggage rack, headlight protectors, reproduction mud flaps and more.  Many parts were sourced from Rovers North in Westford, VT.  All repairs were done at Schena Auto Body in Barrington, New Hampshire.

The end result was a reborn classic SUV that turns heads every where it goes.  Below you’ll find a gallery of photos from the restoration including several that demonstrate the transformation that this vehicle underwent.

Interested in restoring an antique vehicle of your own?  Contact Joe today at 603-664-7215 to start a conversation about your restoration project.

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